Industrial Noise Assessments

Sound Planning is a noise and vibration consultancy specialising in industrial noise problems; our consultants have worked on industrial noise problems throughout the country guiding our clients through either the planning process or retrospectively ameliorating existing problems.

Noise assessments are conducted in accordance with:

  • British Standard BS 4142 - Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas.
  • British Standard BS 5228 - Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites.
  • British Standard BS 7445 - Description and measurement of environmental noise.

The Sound Planning assessment process includes:

  • Liaison with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) including Planning Officers and Environmental Health Officers.
  • Liasing with the equipment installer and manufacturer.
  • Full acoustic reports in accordance with the requirements of the LPA and national standards.
  • Designing appropriate noise mitigation design strategies (if required).
  • Supply and installation of noise reduction equipment e.g. Enclosures; Attenuators; Screens etc.
  • Post installation testing; assessing compliance against appropriate criteria.

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